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Squirrels & Woodchucks

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Keep rats and other animals out for good!

Small rodents and animals can burrow under your foundation, shed, deck, patio or fit through tiny cracks and infest your home to breed incessantly. To avoid unsanitary droppings, the spreading of diseases, and multiplying of rodents in your home, call us 24/7 for help. Our sturdy underground fencing is made specifically to keep rats and mice from fitting under spaces in your foundation and entering your home.  

Our technicians can quickly and expertly install our underground fencing beneath your foundation after a FREE home inspection. There is a 10-year warranty underground fencing and a 5-year warranty for any other repairs due to animal and wildlife infestation.


Learn more about our wildlife prevention and exclusion process and get a FREE home inspection to search for all damages caused by unwanted animals.

10-year warranty

Underground fencing

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