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Humane Animal Removal

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Squirrels & Woodchucks

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Animal exclusion

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Take back control of your home

At Critter Man, we have a professionally and expertly trained animal control staff to humanely get rid of unwanted wildlife in your home or business.


You want your property protected from the damage and abuse of animals, that is why we prevent animals from returning to nest. We are a company built on pride and are available 24/7 for all animal emergencies.

Get a FREE estimate

If you suspect animals are burrowing in your foundation or nesting in your attic, call us for a FREE estimate.


Our technicians can quickly and expertly install our underground fencing beneath your foundation after a FREE home inspection. There is a 10-year warranty underground fencing and a 5-year warranty for any other repairs due to animal and wildlife infestation.

Humane animal removal and prevention

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