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Squirrels & Woodchucks

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Fully Licensed & Insured

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Don't let rodents roam around your home

Small rodents are great at getting in tiny cracks under walls and foundations that you didn't even know were there. We offer a FREE home inspection to find these cracks and holes and repair them or install underground fencing to avoid animals entering and making your home their home.


Rats and other animals can carry diseases, leave copious amounts of droppings, and damage your property. Don't allow them to make a mess on your home; call us 24/7 for rodent removal and exclusion.

Learn more about our underground fencing and how it can keep rats and other animals from entering and nesting in your home again.

Secure your home

• Gable vent replacement

• Ridge vent replacement

• Soffit replacement

• Underground fencing

• Trim and fascia board replacement

• Chimney cap installation

• Clean out, replace, and sanitize attics

• Insulation removal

Rats and other animals

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