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Humane Animal Removal

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Squirrels & Woodchucks

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Fully Licensed & Insured

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Thorough inspections

Critters like squirrels, bats, and raccoons tend to make their nests in your atic, while others, just about everywhere in your house. Our trained experts don't miss a thing when we look through your home with micro cameras to find damage caused by pests and wildlife.

Here at Critter Man, we provide animal control 24/7 in case you have urgent animal emergencies. For your safety, we work fast. For the animal's safety, we work humanely. Our technicians can quickly and expertly install our underground fencing beneath your foundation after a FREE home inspection. There is a 10-year warranty underground fencing and a 5-year warranty for any other repairs due to animal and wildlife infestation.


Affordable prices

• Gable vent replacement

• Ridge vent replacement

• Soffit replacement

• Underground fencing

• Trim and fascia board replacement

• Chimney cap installation

• Clean out, replace, and sanitize attics

• Insulation removal

Get a FREE home inspection

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(Underground fencing is to prevent all animals from digging under the foundation and nesting in your home.)