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Bats can carry disease and leave droppings which are smelly and unsanitary. We will get rid of the bats and make sure we sanitize and prevent their return by repairing entrance holes and damaged infrastructure. We can remove insulation, which may be covered by your homeowners insurance, so bats cannot nest or make dwellings there.

Let us tackle harmful hives and nests so you avoid danger or injuries. We will get rid of bees' and birds' nests to avoid damages on your property. Bees can make holes inside wood or infrastructure. We can get into these holes to remove and prevent bees from thriving there.


Let us help you with pesky pests as we do a FREE home inspection to figure out how to repair damages and holes to prevent animals from returning to nest in your home or business. Our technicians can quickly and expertly install our underground fencing beneath your foundation after a FREE home inspection. There is a 10-year warranty underground fencing and a 5-year warranty for any other repairs due to animal and wildlife infestation.

Hive and nest removal

• Humane removal

• Repair damages

• Clean and sanitize attics

• Replace or install vents

• Chimney cap installation

Bats, birds, and bees

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